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Expert mountain bike racers did not become global racing icons overnight. Todd Wells, the 2011 U.S. National XC title champion could not let his overwhelming success eclipse his earlier days in the sport. In fact, while addressing journalists after the spectacular race, the victorious champ confessed that he almost died after his first race. He admitted to have slept a whole 16 hours as a result of the numbing fatigue that ensued. As such, you should accept that nothing comes easy and in life, and that bike racing is no way an exception to this precept. Therefore, this article explores a few ideas to help you adequately prepare for your first ever bike race. Continue reading to discover how to get ready for your first mountain bike race.

Stay Local
Although it is undeniably thrilling to go racing in far-flung locales, it is advised that you should do your first racing in areas that you are well familiar with. This is because you fully understand the trail and you can adjust your bike set for the best experience. Another advantage of doing your first race within the neighborhood is that you can conveniently rush for anything that you might forget.

Enlist a Buddy
Again, mountain bike racing is supposed to be a social thing. Get one of your racing friends do the race with you. Having a pal with whom you can share the experience with is both fun and entertaining. Racing in the company of another person also takes off the pressure of a first bike race. Inform your friend in time so that both of you prepare to set off early in the morning. First racers should opt to race in the morning when the weather is friendly and the body is fresh.

Don’t Overeat
Do not set off on your first race hungry because you’ll be too weak to enjoy the experience. In the same vein, avoid overeating because you’ll feel lazy and uninterested. Worse still, racing when overfull may trigger stomach upsets, and this is not what you want to through on your maiden racing occasion. Instead, eat a wholesome energy-giving meal about 3 hours before the event. This 3-hour break gives your body enough time for digestion and allows nutrients to be absorbed. As a result, you will feel both energetic and comfortable enough as you hit the road as a first-time mountain bike racer. The experience will be no doubt memorable.

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Gray Are you experiencing any uncertainties about purchasing the right mountain bike for your joyful biking trips? Worry not, because we are bringing an answer to your doubts and after reading this article you will be certain about which MTB will suit you the best. 

The first thing you need to do is to deduce for what purposes you need that bike. Are you just a casual bike enthusiast who likes to spend Sunday afternoons with the breeze in your hair and the Sun on your face, or a hardcore adrenaline junkie who doesn't hesitate from harsh terrain?

This is important because more expensive bikes are made from harder and more durable materials and are able to withstand more pressure. However, these are meant for those who ride mountain bikes as sports and not for recreational purposes. 

For normal biking experience, your golden price range for a well-crafted, new bike that will suit you perfectly is somewhere around $500.

When making a purchase you ought to take in consideration the manufacturer: the quality ones are Trek, Schwinn, Diamondback, Cube, MTB, and Shimano etc. If you see some of these logos, you are ensured that your bike of choice is packed with quality parts and will serve you well. 

With these points taken into consideration, we have made a selection of few, budget-friendly mountain bikes that are certainly well made and will provide a proper experience if you decide to buy them. 

2009 Trek 3700 Hardtail Mountain Bike You cannot really miss if you pick this piece. It has everything you might want out of a bicycle: a sturdy, Trek, body, simple but modern design, and a reasonably low price. With its price of about $500, depending on the seller, this is a certain bang for the buck. 

Carrera Vulcan This European rival is a respectable opponent of the previous two. It offers somewhat wider frame and tires, which provide better handling on the tarmac. You don't need to worry about speed management with this bike since it is equipped with hydraulic brakes. With solid specifications and a reasonable price, this is a good choice for a budget bike. 

To sum up, buying a mountain bicycle is not an easy task at all. If you want to get your hands on a proper, quality bike, you need to spend some time when choosing. 

To be determined on what you really do need and don't. Don't go for really pricey bicycles since you probably won't need them if you don't do it professionally. On the other hand, don't be tight-fisted either and spare some money on a decent bike. 

Have these advice in your mind when making a purchase, you won't have much room for error.

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The Genesis V2100 Dual-Suspension Bicycle is designed for use in the steep hills and off-road terrain. But this doesn't mean that it can't be ridden on gentle slopes and smooth roads. It does well on all terrains, but has been made with rough roads in mind. With top-notch features, the mountain bike provides an exceptional riding experience. As the name suggests, the bicycle is a dual suspension one. You can imagine all the benefits which come with a dual suspension bike. So if you are looking for a bike to cycle on hills or rough roads, look no further than the Genesis V2100.

Score and Rating
The Genesis V2100 has received positive reviews from the users. Most customers think that the bike is of high quality and is the one they need to take their riding activities on higher grounds. The strong alloy frame and gearing system are some of the highly touted parts of the bicycle. The most customers on major online reviewer site like Mountainbikereviewer have rated the bike 3 stars and above. There are also those customers who think the bicycle comes at an affordable price. This is true. The mountain bike is one of the less expensive out there. This means that the buyers are getting the best value for their money.

Strong alloy suspension frame
This kind of frame makes the mountain lightweight and durable. The frame has a suspension fork with an 80mm travel. The fork greatly contributes to the bike comfort. There are also the rear shocks which boost the fork. So the bike is extremely comfortable with the fork and shocks.

Shimamo gearing system
Shimamo is a reputable manufacturer of gear and brake system. So you can expect the gearing system to be highly reliable. It consists of a 21-speed drive train, which provides for a precise and smooth shifting. The system is boosted by the front and rear derailleur. Operating the gears is trouble-free with the drivetrain and derailleur.

Disc brake and V brake
The disc brake serves the front wheels while the V break the rear wheels. You can use either of the brakes in case of an emergency. They have fantastic stopping power and the emergency braking doesn't affect the rider. The braking system is also from Shimamo. All parts of the brake are made of durable materials.

Durable tires
The wide tires provide the traction needed in rugged road surfaces. There is no doubt about this since the bike is designed for use in rough terrains. The chances of falling down with this bicycle are significantly reduced. The tires contribute to the high safety factor of the mountain bike.

The Genesis V2100 Dual-Suspension Bike is generally a reliable mountain bicycle. It is highly comfortable. You will have a hassle-free riding on steep slopes and poor roads. The bike can be a good choice for the beginners. It is lightweight, which makes it possible for the newbie to use it on hills. The braking system is also a boost to not only the beginners but also the advanced users.